Github for blogging

Over the years I’ve had several blogs from Tumblr to my own platform. Today my blog has a new home on Github Pages. There are several advantages to using Github as a blogging platform, you can use your own editor, publish is as simple as doing a “git push”, and adding images is not nearly as cumbersome as something like Tumblr. However there are a couple disadvantages that you have to consider, first and foremost is the fact that there is no backend, so you have to figure out how you’re going to manage your templates. You have a couple of options, you could use something like Dreamweaver which will handle a template for you, use a client side JavaScript framework like AngularJS or better yet Bootstrap for its baked in routing, or finally you can settle for Jekyll which is Github’s solution to the problem. I settled for Jekyll because its a Ruby app, and I like Ruby, it allows you to create content with either Markdown or HTML, and it comes with a server that will help you preview your work before you publish. And your not locked down to a particular structure, you can put stuff in whatever kind of structure you like, you can use JavaScript, you can embed whatever kind of content you like, the sky is the limit.