Un-close apps with Mac task switcher

Everyone knows you can switch between apps with cmd-tab. You can even do several things on an application such as cmd-q to quit, cmd-h to hide or cmd-w to close. I find myself doing the latter on apps quite often because its easier to get to than cmd-h (at least for me). However thats where I get myself into trouble. If I used cmd-h instead, then when you cmd-tab to that app it will pop back to the foreground...not the case if you closed it with cmd-w. So what is one to do? It took me like 5 years to figure it out, but if you hold down option when you select an application that has been closed, it too will pop back to the foreground. You’ll give yourself a cramp if you try to do all of this with your left hand, so use your right hand to hold down the option key. So it goes like this. Command tab to the app that is closed, hold down option with your right hand, let go of command with your left hand, the app will pop to the foreground.